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911 Rural Location Signs...

Farming is a dangerous and unpredictable environment where livestock, humans, farm machinery and weather are inter-meshed on a daily basis.

Risk factors are always present in the agricultural community by the sheer nature of the industry.

When emergency services is attempting to locate a rural address, they often have to rely on landmarks. Finding a property along rural roads can be difficult, and when you are responding to a 911 call, the time spent finding an address could be better spent assisting a patient.

Not to mention if a crime has occurred, knowing the 911 address of the property involved gives witnesses more concrete information to share and assists law enforcement in responding to the event.

Rural 911 Location signs enable a passerby or emergency responder to play an active role to help mitigate loss on the farm and also provide location information for non-posted rural addresses.

You can purchase these signs through the Health Center for a total cost of $35--$20 for a highly reflective prismatic sign and mounting bracket and $15 for the post to mount it on. If you have your own post, just buy the sign!

For a fillable, printable form, click the document below...

911 Sign Form for WIX
Download PDF • 486KB



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