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The health and well-being of our community are just as important to us as the health of our clients, which is why we’re proud to provide the following environmental health services:

INSPECTING restaurants, taverns, schools, retail food stores, day care centers, and lodging establishments, including temporary food stands

RESPONDING to questions about private water, sewage, rabies, indoor air, etc and consulting with homeowners and installers about septic options

ADVISING AND EDUCATING people about environmental public health

COLLECTING private water samples upon request

INVESTIGATING complaints which may indicate a public health problem such as food-borne illnesses or sewage problems

REQUIRING AND VERIFYING corrections of violations for compliance in restaurants and on-site sewage

If you are in need of any of these Environmental Health Services, contact Lori Murray at Livingston County Health Center 660-646-5506 or Grundy County Health Department 660-359-4196.


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Environmental Sanitation

The health center has had an Environmental Sanitation program since 1986.

The role of the Environmental Sanitation program at the health center is to promote, preserve and protect the health of the citizens of Livingston County through environmental regulation, monitoring, investigation and education to the public areas of food safety, sanitation, onsite wells and septic systems as well as other environmental programs.

Our county Environmental Public Health Specialist performs tasks with private water, private sewage, food service, retail food, lodging, day care, some disease investigations, public education on certain sanitation matters and inquiries of an environmental sanitation nature.

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