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Missouri Vital Records

Certified copies of Missouri Birth and Death Certificates can be obtained at the Livingston County Health Center.  Records are available for birth records dating back to 1920. Death records are available dating back to 1980. For records prior to those years you will need to contact Vital Records in Jefferson City in order to obtain a copy.

The cost of each birth certificate is $15.00.  Death certificates are $14.00 for the first copy, and $11.00 for each additional copy.  Checks should be made payable to Livingston County Health Center.  


Applicants must show identification when requesting certified copies of a vital record at the state health department.  Mail-in requests must be notarized by an acceptable notary public.

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Obtaining Out-of-State Vital Records

Births, deaths, marriages and divorces occurring in states other than Missouri must be obtained from the state where the event took place. More information about out-of-state birth, death, marriage or divorce certificates can be found on the National Center for Health Statistics web site, “Where to Write For Vital Records.”

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Walk-In Applications

Birth Certificate Request

Death Certificate Request

Mail-In Applications

Mail-In requests must be notarized by an acceptable Notary Republic

Birth Certificate Mail-In Request


Death Certificate Mail-In Request

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Missouri Adoptee Rights Act

Missouri adoptees can now request an uncertified copy of their original birth certificate. Requests for adoptee birth certificates must be made to the Bureau of Vital Records in Jefferson City and CANNOT be processed at the Livingston County Health Department.

To make a request:

  • Complete an Application for Non-Certified Copy of an Original Birth Certificate

  • Pay a non-refundable $15 fee

  • Allow 6 weeks for receipt of original certificate

Non-certified copies of the original birth certificates issued by DHSS cannot be used for establishing identity, and will be stamped “For genealogical purposes only—not to be used for establishing identity.”


In addition, no records will be released without first checking for receipt of a parental preference form. The parental preference form allows birth parents to designate whether they want their information released. Birth parents may also establish a contact preference and complete a medical history form.

For more information, visit the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website.

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