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Walk-In Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, come to the Livingston County Health Center anytime between the hours of 8-12 and 1-4 for services such as Tdap Boosters, Blood Pressure Check, TB (Tuberculosis) Testing, Pregnancy Testing, and Adult Vaccinations.

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Adult Blood Draw Clinics

Look on the Calendar page to find the next adult blood draw

It is the aim of public health to promote health and prevent disease-this service encourages our residents to take charge of their own health before problems arise. 


The health center offers several basic blood tests for those 18 and older at the Adult Wellness Clinic, all of which require fasting the night before.  (To achieve the most accurate results, it’s best to not eat or drink anything but water after midnight the day before a blood test.)  A light snack will be available at the clinic, as well as water.  If you know you are a challenging draw, it might help to drink water when you get up in the morning and until your blood is drawn.


After the blood results are received they will be mailed to your home.  It is your responsibility to take these to your physician. 

Tests offered include:


$40.00    CBC Chem Profile

$15.00    Vitamin D

$10.00    PSA

$10.00    A1C

$  5.00    TSH ONLY

$15.00    Vitamin B-12

$10.00    Thyroid Panel (No TSH)

$20.00    Hepatitis C

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Adult Services: Text
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