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Rapid HIV & Syphilis Testing Available at Health Center

It might be April Fool’s Day, but it’s no joke that rates of sexually transmitted infections continue to climb in Missouri and across the nation. To curb that trend, the Livingston County Health Center is spearheading a grant through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to provide Rapid HIV & Syphilis testing by appointment at their location, as well as six other counties in Region H.

Sexually transmitted infections/diseases affect people of all ages, yet these diseases take a particularly heavy toll on young people. Half of all STDs are in people under 25 years old, although they represent only a quarter of people having sex. 

Knowing individual STD status is a critical step to stopping transmission. If someone knows they are infected, steps can also be taken to protect their health and their partners. Untreated infections can cause infertility, pain, and damage to other parts of the body.

Testing for both HIV & Syphilis will involve a simple finger-stick that takes around 30 minutes to result. 

If an individual tests positive for HIV, they will be referred to Andrew County Health Department for Case Management, which will link them to resources and treatments available.

If the client tests positive for Syphilis, treatment in the form of antibiotics will be provided through the local health department. 

As a bonus, anyone who takes advantage of this free testing service will receive a $10 gift card to Casey’s.

Livingston County Health Center can also provide chlamydia and gonorrhea testing using a urine sample, as well as free condoms to assist residents in protecting their sexual health. All STI/STD testing is confidential and done by appointment only. Condoms are available in the bathrooms and by request at 800 Adam Drive.

Other counties in the area who will be providing Rapid Testing include Caldwell, Carroll, Daviess, Grundy, Harrison, and Mercer.

For more information about Rapid HIV & Syphilis testing, or other STD testing, call 660-646-5506 and ask to speak to a nurse.



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