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Hunger Resources

Food insecurity, a condition in which households lack access to adequate food because of limited money or other resources, is a leading health and nutrition issue in the United States. In 2013 almost fifty million Americans (14.3 percent) were food insecure. 


About one-third of these were at a more serious level known as “very low food security.” The fact that so many people are food insecure is important in and of itself, but potentially more concerning are the possible negative health consequences of food insecurity. 

Explore the resources below to help feed your family.

Local Resources


Annual Christmas Day Dinner

Calvary Baptist Church

11 a.m. Christmas Day

(660) 646-1595

FREE, Everyone Welcome


First Baptist Church

1601 Bryan Street, Chillicothe

(660) 646-2834

Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal 5:30 p.m. RSVP to Church

$3 Suggested Donation

First Meal Free Gift from Church


Grand River Multipurpose Center

607 West Business 36, Chillicothe

(660) 646-1555


11:00 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.

Call Before 10 a.m.

$4 Suggested Donation 60 & Over*

Under 60/Carryout $6.65/ 12 & Under $1.50

*If you cannot afford, speak with Teresa Sykes at the Center


House of Prayer Rescue Mission

215 Henry St., Chillicothe

Every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

11:30 am-12:00 pm

Contact Greg Hughes, Mission Director (660) 646-3450 or leave message


United Methodist Church

1414 Walnut Street, Chillicothe

(660) 646-2580

Wednesday Night Fellowship Dinner

5-6 p.m.  Call by 5 p.m. Monday

$3.25 Adults/$2 kids/$10 family

First Meal Free Gift from Church


House of Prayer Rescue Mission

215 Henry St., Chillicothe

Contact Greg Hughes, Mission Director 

(660) 646-3450 or leave message

Life Center Food Pantry

810 Elm Street, Chillicothe

(660) 646-2231

Requires Proof of Address

& Income

Salvation Army Pantry

621 West Mohawk Road, Chillicothe

(660) 247-2822

Chillicothe Fresh Mobile Food Pantry

Second Harvest

Old Hedrick Medical Center Parking Lot

100 Central Avenue

For Monthly Schedule, visit:

Contact: Deb Ramey/



SNAP (Food Stamps)

(855) FSD-INFO, or 855-373-4636


MRCC Rural Food Cooperative Program

Knights of Columbus Hall (Distribution Location)

919 Easton St., Chillicothe

Annual Coop Fee $10/Monthly Food Pkg. $22

For More Information:

Ron and Joyce Perry

(660) 646-4595


Livingston County Health Center

800 Adam Drive, Chillicothe

Supplemental food program for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children up to 5 years of age.

Income Guidelines:

Call (660) 646-5506 for more info or to make an appointment.

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